When a child is born to parents who are not married, those parents often choose one of two options when it comes to child support: come to an agreement on their own or ask the family court to decide a fair amount for them.

Donald L. Bren and Jennifer McKay Gold chose to come to an out-of-court agreement when their children Christie and David were born. After two decades, the now-grown children brought a lawsuit against their father. They claim that a family court would have awarded significantly more child support each month than Bren and Gold originally agreed to.

Donald L. Bren, the children's father, was ranked 16th in Forbes magazine's Richest People in America. Christie and David Bren asked a Los Angeles jury to award them $400,000 per month retroactive child support.

Although, many people speculated that Donald Bren would choose to settle the lawsuit rather than see his personal life dragged through the media, the case went to court in late August. Between the children's attorney, his former girlfriend and his own attorneys, Mr. Bren faced many aspects of his personal history, including old love notes and a public description of his preference about contraception methods.

In the end, however, Mr. Bren prevailed. The Los Angeles jury quickly decided in his favor. According to his attorneys, "Mr. Bren is pleased that the jury listened carefully to both sides and found for him. He wishes the very best for the adult children." He has also said that he will continue to pay for Christie and David's education costs until they are 25 years old.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Donald Bren doesn't owe two adult children any more money, jury rules," Robert Faturechi, 27 Aug 2010