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Attorney Kevin Hutcheson has more than 20 years of experience handling complex divorce cases and family law issues. His dedicated focus to assisting clients facing these issues would not be possible without a sincere passion for helping others and a genuine interest in family law. Our firm is starting this blog to serve as a forum for discussion around various segments of family law, including divorce, child support, visitation and domestic violence. We are also very interested in reporting on news relating to spousal support and custody.

If at any time you are compelled to join the conversation, please utilize the comments section on our blog associated with each individual post. We welcome your feedback and opinions. If you ever feel the need to discuss a situation unique to you, in private, feel free to fill out our online contact form or call our San Jose law office directly at 408-288-5592 for more information. We are here to serve you and bring resolution to your situation as swiftly as possible.