Although Kirk Kerkorian's ex-wife has admitted to faking the paternity test that fraudulently declared Kerkorian the father of now 12-year-old Kira, the billionaire has agreed to pay $10.25 million in back child support, plus $100,000 per month, for the care and support of Kira.

Kerkorian and his ex-wife, Lisa Bonder Kerkorian, were married for 28 days in 1999 after a long romantic relationship. Because the parties were married when Kira was born, Kerkorian is her legal father, although it was later revealed that Kira's biological father is film producer Stephen Bing. For several years, Kira has known that she has what she calls "two papas", according to court records.

The child support battle between the 93-year-old former majority shareholder of MGM Resorts International and the 45-year-old former tennis pro began in 2002, when Bonder Kerkorian sought $320,000 per month in alimony and child support. During the highly contentious legal battle, Bonder Kerkorian used saliva she obtained from Kerkorian's adult daughter to fake Kira's paternity test. The matter was finally resolved last week when Kerkorian agreed to pay the back and ongoing child support. The agreement does not include alimony.

Under the agreement, Kira will receive $100,000 per month until she turns 19 or graduates high school, is no longer a full time student, or no longer lives with her mother full-time. At that point, she will receive $50,000 per month. Kerkorian has also agreed to pay for various expenses including school costs, hobbies, automobiles, beauty treatments, pets, entertainment, clothing, and equestrian expenses.

Bing, Kira's biological father, has said that he "wanted to be involved with Kira and take some financial responsibility", and promised in 2003 to contribute $25,000 per month to her support, according to papers filed with the court. Kerkorian's attorney countered in a letter to Bing's lawyer, stating that Bing "has never done anything to become a father to this child, either emotionally or financially. Meanwhile, Mr. Kerkorian has never shirked from providing financial support for Kira, despite having been defrauded into believing Kira was his biological daughter."

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Billionaire Kerkorian to pay $10.25 million plus $100,000 per month to support ex-wife's child", Linda Deutsch, 22 October 2010