For anyone who has ever been engaged or even contemplated marriage, resources abound. There are countless websites, magazines, books, and television shows devoted to weddings and wedding planning, and additional resources aimed at all aspects of marriage. But what about when a marriage ends? There are seemingly few media outlets that are willing to tackle the increasingly common occurrence of divorce. However, with its new section dedicated exclusively to what it refers to as "The D-Word", the Huffington Post is aiming to close the gap.

Subtitled "Marriage Comes and Goes But Divorce is Forever", the new section will contain a bevy of information for those considering, going through, or entering life after divorce. Contributors include divorce coaches, lawyers, researchers and authors, all of whom are ready and willing to give advice on financial and legal matters, co-parenting, step-parenting, real estate, divorce trends, newsworthy divorces, and post-divorce dating.

The section was created by three high-profile divorcees: Ariana Huffington, formerly married to California Representative Michael Huffington; Nora Ephron, who chronicled her first divorce in her 1983 book Heartburn; and New York Times television critic Alessandra Stanley.

Huffington Post senior editor Willow Bay says that the section levels the playing field and fills a tangible need among readers. "If there can be a wedding section, there can and should be a divorce section," Bay said. "At this moment in pop culture, divorce is everywhere. And I don't know that mainstream media has done as good a job offering readers a place where people can go for advice or information about divorce."

Divorce coach and mediator Deborah Mecklinger lauds the section, stating that it is simply recognizing a shift in the way people view divorce. "Courtship, engagement wedding, marriage, separation, divorce, remarriage - it's almost like one could expect that there's a natural marriage lifecycle," she said. "For some, divorce is a checkpoint along the way."

According to Huffington Post editor-at-large Ephron, the section recognizes that the trauma and drama of a divorce does not end when the paperwork is filed, when the court issues its ruling, or even when a divorcee remarries. "Divorce is an ongoing drama - even for people who are happily remarried; it's a defining state," she said. "It's almost never easy or settled."

Source: National Post, "Divorce: Huffington Post launches new section dedicated to the end of a marriage", Kathryn Blaze Carlson, 7 November 2010