Almost two months after the dramatic 11-day trial regarding Frank and Jamie McCourt's marital property agreement, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon has issued a ruling completely invalidating the agreement. This means that, under California community property law, that the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team may be divided between the couple, which makes the future of the team very uncertain.

The dispute over the marital property agreement began when it was revealed that there were two conflicting versions of the document. The first awarded all "business entities" to Frank, which would conceivably include the Dodgers. The second left all such interests divided among the couple in the event of a divorce. When testimony by the attorney who drafted the document proved inconclusive as to the parties' intent in creating it, Judge Gordon invalidated the agreement.

"There was no mutual assent or meeting of the minds between Jamie and Frank when they executed the agreement," wrote Judge Gordon in his ruling. "The parties had mistaken belief and no agreement as to the meaning of the agreement, the content of the agreement and effect of the MPA on their property and property rights."

Frank has already pledged to contest the ruling in court, and will reportedly make a motion for a new trial within the month to avoid a divorce court ruling that would split the Dodgers, which is worth approximately $700 million, between the parties under California community property law. According to Dennis Wasser, one of Jamie's attorneys, a negotiated property settlement may be the most peaceful means of resolving the issue. "I'm hoping for the sake of the team and the community that we can resolve this," he said.

Source: USA Today, "Judge invalidates McCourt agreement, leaving Dodgers ownership in question", Nick Ut, 7 December 2010