Comic Carl La Bove says he has always known that his 21-year-old daughter is not actually his, but that she is actually the result of an affair between his former wife and the now-deceased comic Sam Kinison. Now, as La Bove faces almost $200,000 in back child support, he has begun to take action to prove it. Recent DNA test results showed that the young woman is not La Bove's daughter, but that she is related to Kinison's sons. Based on these test results, La Bove is seeking to have his child support obligations forgiven.

According to La Bove, his former wife told him that Kinison was the young woman's father many years ago. However, in the course of the couple's six-year divorce proceedings, La Bove signed a child support agreement stating that he would pay support for the girl.

Now, La Bove wants that agreement to be overturned and to have his $188,000 child support back pay forgiven. Despite the conclusive results of the DNA test, which found a zero percent chance that La Bove is the girl's father, the comic must clear one difficult hurdle. Under California law, La Bove must prove that he was coerced into signing the child support agreement before it can be overturned by a court.

To that requirement, La Bove claims that he was not fully informed of his rights before he signed the agreement, and that his divorce attorney never suggested that he should challenge the girl's paternity. In addition, he cites a 2004 California appellate court decision which states that the state should "correct mistakes in child support actions and minimize the harm and correct any injustice to that person."

Source: Forbes, "Kinison friend says comic fathered child", Anthony McCartney, 17 February 2011