In recent months, Disney has been running a series of commercials showing footage of the moment children learn that they will soon be heading on a trip to the most magical of places, Walt Disney World. The children featured in the videos are beyond excited, of course, and express their joy by jumping up and down while screaming, laughing, and crying. Although the commercials do not show the parents' reaction, it is a safe assumption that most are nearly as happy as their children, having long anticipated taking their children on this milestone vacation.

So for a divorced parent, it can be excruciating to watch your children head off on a once-in-a-lifetime trip with the other parent, knowing that you are missing out on the excitement, fun and bonding of that trip together. This is why an increasing number of families are choosing to vacation together after, and despite, a divorce. California family law attorneys and experts say that it can be done, as long as parents set some ground rules before getting on the plane.

First, it is important for parents to explain the situation to their children, and to set boundaries. Children need to understand that the family vacation does not mean that their parents will reunite. Parents should explain that the vacation is a special event, and that they both just wanted to spend time with the child or children.

Second, parents need to go over all the details long before they head to the airport. Important things to consider include who will pay for what, who will sleep where, and who will perform which parental and other duties.

Clearly, an amicable relationship is essential for divorced parents to vacation together. Arguing while in line for Space Mountain will definitely put a damper on a fun Disney day.

Source: Today, "Some divorced families choose to vacation together", Karen Schwartz, 17 March 2011