After more than a year of a hotly contested dispute over the ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers, it would seem that the divorce of Frank and Jamie McCourt would be nearing its completion. That is not the case, according to a recent timetable set forth by the couple's attorneys this week.

The final divorce hearing, which will result in a final decision on the Dodgers' ownership, will take place in spring or summer of 2012, and will last 30 to 45 days. The exact trial date will be announced in November, when the couple again appears before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon to discuss spousal support and various other interim issues.

Recently, Jamie McCourt made a motion to sell the Dodgers' parent company, with the team included in the purchase, and divide the proceeds among the same between the husband and wife. According to Judge Gordon, however, he can't decide the ownership of the Dodgers until the team's recent bankruptcy is resolved in Bankruptcy Court. "Until it gets out of bankruptcy, the baseball team cannot be sold by this court," he said.

When the trial commences, Frank McCourt will reportedly attempt to trace his ownership of the Dodgers to a company that he founded before he married Jamie, in an effort to prove that he alone owns the team. Earlier in the divorce case, Gordon determined that the team was jointly owned by the McCourts after striking down a postnuptial agreement that contained conflicting information about the Dodgers' ownership.

Certainly, this is only one chapter in the long-running McCourt saga. We will continue to update this blog with any new developments.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Final Frank and Jamie McCourt divorce trial? Wait till next year," Bill Shaikin, Sept. 14, 2011