Notable NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens ("T.O.") was recently picked up by the Seattle Seahawks, marking his return to professional football after a two year hiatus in which he applied to have his child support payments reduced. This new one-year contract will likely lead to a dismissal Owens filed last month to have these payments reduced.

Owens has four children requiring financial support, and has struggled to make the payments. He was nearly arrested in June for back child support, which he paid off. At this time, we can expect that Owens' payments may increase due to his contract; however, details of the contract have not yet been released. This will benefit him financially, as well as his children.

In cases of child support, the income of the paying parent has a great affect. A professional athlete, for example, who brings in millions a year, may still struggle to make these payments for any number of reasons. For the average person, they may run into these same issues. However, a new job will likely affect the payment amount, so it is always helpful to speak to an attorney about payments.

California uses formuals to calculate the cost of child support, in which income is a factor. However, it is not the only factor. For the custodial parent, a new job may also affect the payment amount. An attorney is a great resource for questions and concerns about child support payment amounts and scheduling.

Source: AJC, "T.O.'s contract could affect child support case," Joel Provano, Aug. 8, 2012

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