A California man will spend the next three months in jail after being convicted of bigamy. Following his arrest, the man admitted that he had married three different wives, although the women involved suspect that number is higher. He had reportedly attempted to divorce at least one of the two California women he married, but those attempts apparently were not successful.

According to court documents, the 51-year-old man married his third wife in Utah in January 2011. Not long after their wedding, the man suddenly announced that he had to fly back to California to sell a house. Noticing that the man was acting strangely, the woman began to research him on the Internet. She ultimately discovered that he had been married several times, but that he had never divorced any of his former wives.

The third wife called the police, who launched an investigation into the alleged bigamy. They found that the man had previously gotten married to two California women, and although he had filed for divorce from one of those wives, he remained married to both. He reportedly told the women that he was a professional baseball player who needed to travel to different games and events. Instead, he was traveling to see his wives and children, of which there are at least 11.

Although the man admitted to having three wives, all of the officials that investigated or tried his case, as well as the three women identified, seem to believe that he actually married more than just those three. It remains to be seen whether that is the case.

Source: KSL, "Los Angeles man serving three months in Utah jail for bigamy," Sept. 4, 2012